How to Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Phone Battery

Smartphone battery life is a constant challenge. Even Apple has problems with it. Instead of their flagship iPhone X being the top performer the iPhone 8 Plus has topped an industry-wide test.

Is your mobile phone battery driving you crazy? Does it always seem to be running flat at the most annoying times? Here are several ways to get more out of your battery's lifetime and limit downtime.

Charging Your Mobile Phone Battery

Learn how to charge a battery. The battery in your smartphone should be kept at 50% or more for most of its life. If it falls under 50% give it a top up if you can.

Only charge it to 100% about once every month. This recalibrates it like giving it a reboot. There is no big problem charging overnight but better to charge your phone when you can stop it before 100%.

Using the phone charger that came with your phone is a way of making sure that it has the right rating for your phone. Check the rating if you buy or borrow one. Cheap cellular phone battery chargers can damage your phone.

Reducing Battery Usage

If you want to extend the battery life of your smartphone one way is to reduce the demand put on the battery. There are several ways in which you can reduce your power consumption.

Dim your screen or use the auto-brightness feature. This means you will use less power running the screen. If you turn the brightness down to a level that works for you but isn't lighting up the neighborhood you will extend your battery life tremendously.

Set your screen timeout to a shorter time. This means that the screen will stay lit for a shorter time between inputs such as a screen touch or tap. Try the shortest time and adjust it if you find it irritating.

Bluetooth drains battery power. If you have it on all the time when you don't need it you are wasting power. Turn it off and it will stop constantly listening for Bluetooth signals.

Having Wi-Fi on all the time is similar to Bluetooth. It's using power just looking for Wi-Fi signals. If you use 3G or 4G most of the time turn off the Wi-Fi.

Location services can enhance the functionality of certain apps such as maps. You may not need to have location services for all the apps that are currently configured to use it. Check your location services settings and disable it if you don't need it.

Battery Extender Cases

If you take care of battery charging and manage your power usage you could still have a battery life problem. There is another option. You could extend your battery life by using a smartphone case that has a battery included.

A battery case neatly protects your phone and increases the time between charges. By incorporating a quality battery into the design, it can more than double the battery life between charges.

Love Your Battery

Taking care of your mobile phone battery means your battery will take care of you. Charge it properly and don't put too many demands on it. Give it a little help with a battery extender case and it will give good service.

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August 24, 2018