Take 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20. Don't let this sale hop away!
Take 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20. Don't let this sale hop away!

The iPhone XS meets the need for consumers who want a high-end smartphone from Apple, but without the extra size of the iPhone XS Max. Don’t worry; the XS still includes superior computing horsepower and a radiant Super Retina display. This powerful phone helps you stay connected to both your personal and professional lives.

All this state of the art smartphone power tends to use a massive amount of juice from the iPhone’s battery. What if a sturdy case exists for the iPhone XS that also includes an extra battery to keep your new phone in power? Well, good news abounds, as Plus Cases sells the battery cases you need for your smartphone!

Their iPhone XS battery case protects your mobile phone, while also keeping it powered and ready to go. Read further for additional details on Apple’s new iPhone and why our top-ranked case is its perfect accessory.


A High-End iPhone for Anyone on the Go

The iPhone XS shares many similarities with its larger brother. It sports the same Super Retina display – albeit in a smaller size – with high-end resolution and features usually found in top of the line smart TVs, like HDR support. No matter how you use this phone – FaceTime, gaming, movies, etc. – expect a great picture on the 5.8-inch display.

This iPhone’s A12 processor provides a similar amount of computing horsepower as desktop computers from earlier this decade. Internal storage options up to 512 GB give you more than enough space to store music, photos, videos, and apps. The XS is also splash and water-resistant, which is important for active users.

If you want superior cameras on your smartphone, the iPhone XS does not disappoint. Two 12 megapixel cameras are suitable for photography and HD video recording. A third TrueDepth camera gets used for Face ID and more.

With Siri serving as your voice-activated assistant, the iPhone XS becomes more than a smartphone. It keeps you connected to your family, your job, and the world beyond. It’s why Apple’s smartphone ranks near the top when it comes to customer satisfaction.

So keeping your iPhone XS protected and powered up is essential. This especially rings true when considering the power requirements of the newer iPhones.

Plus Cases makes the right battery case to keep your iPhone safe and with enough juice to get you through a busy day. Let’s take a closer look at our full line of cases for the iPhone XS.


The Right Battery Case for your iPhone XS

Plus Cases is an American company with offices in Texas and Louisiana. Our study smartphone cases are known for their superior functionality – and they look good as well!

We sell five different cases for the iPhone XS, so one is sure to meet your needs. Each includes our top of the line lithium polymer batteries capable of over 500 full charges.

Do you need the most battery power possible or are you looking for a more inexpensive option? What about colors and/or wireless charging? Let’s dive into the details.

The 6000 mAh iPhone XS Battery Case

Our 6000 mAh battery case gives you the most battery power for your iPhone XS. Available in Black, the 226 percent of additional juice doubles the capacity of your iPhone. It also supports headphone listening through the Lightning port or using an adapter.

The hard shell protective case uses a raised bezel to keep the iPhone XS and its screen well-protected. Our sale price for this battery case is $99.95. Check it out here.

Our 5000 mAh iPhone XS Battery Case

Check out our 5000 mAh iPhone XS case for slightly less battery power at a cheaper price. You still get many of the same features and protection as the more expensive case with the added convenience of a kickstand for watching videos or FaceTime.

This battery case is available in Black, Gold, or Rose Gold at a sale price of $89.95. Check it out here.

Our Low-Priced 4000 mAh Battery Case

The 4000 mAh iPhone XS battery case we sell keeps your iPhone protected and powered, while saving you some cash as well. At a sale price of only $69.95, it’s the perfect option when buying multiple cases for your family members.

Expect the same protection and high-end battery lithium polymer battery as the rest of our full line. It’s also available in Black and Red. Check it out here.

An iPhone XS Battery Case with Wireless Charging

If the tangle of cables typical of modern mobile devices gets you down, check out our iPhone 3600 mAh XS battery case with wireless charging. It supports Qi and other wireless charging technologies, giving you extra battery power without the hassle of those dreaded lost cables.

Both your iPhone XS and the battery case are charged wirelessly; plus you are still able to use a Lightning cable for charging. This battery case is available in five colors at a sale price of $89.95. Check it out here.

A Waterproof Battery Case for your iPhone XS

For those of you who love the water, our 3400 mAh waterproof battery case makes a perfect companion for your iPhone XS. This case is IP69 rated as being completely waterproof. It also features a PET crystal clear front cover protector, and AR-coated optical glass to protect the iPhone’s cameras.

This battery case also supports both wireless and wired charging. It’s a great solution for iPhone XS owners who are swimmers and water sports fans! Our sale price is $119.95. Check it out here.


The Best Warranty Support in the Business

In addition to our easy 30-day return policy, Plus Cases also provides you the best warranty support in the business. Our US-based customer service reps help ensure your case is either replaced or fixed as necessary. We treat our customers like royalty!  

Speaking of being treated like royalty, your iPhone XS deserves the same. Our industry-leading battery cases keep your smartphone both protected and powered!