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Take 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20. Don't let this sale hop away!

Apple’s newest iPhones definitely set the technology world on fire. With state of the art computing power and functionality, they keep their owners connected to their work and personal life like never before. The mobile generation is now!

While the XS and XS Max reside at the pinnacle of the new iPhone line, the iPhone XR still packs a robust feature set and specifications. Its 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display is great for photos, videos, and video gaming. Multiple cameras support taking photos, making your own movies, and video chat using FaceTime.

With all these features, the iPhone XR uses a lot of battery power. This cold hard fact means your phone might run out of juice at the worst possible time.

If a lack of power worries you, check out this line of iPhone XR battery cases from Plus Cases. Our cases both protect your iPhone as well as keep it powered. They include industry-leading lithium polymer batteries that provide over 500 full charges!

Let’s take a closer look at the iPhone XR and why our battery cases make the perfect companion for your new iPhone.

A Closer Look at the iPhone XR

The Liquid Retina display is the main calling card for the iPhone XR. While it doesn’t offer quite the video resolution of the two XS iPhones, it’s still the most advanced LCD in the industry, according to Apple. Expect superior color accuracy, in addition to a durable touchscreen that resists water and dust.

The iPhone XR uses the same Apple A12 processor as the XS. It makes this iPhone as powerful as desktop computers from a few years ago. Internal storage up to 256 GB lets you easily manage your own pictures, videos, and music files.

A 12-megapixel camera lets you take photos and make 4K videos like the pros. An additional 7MP TrueDepth camera includes the facial recognition functionality that makes Face ID possible. This adds another layer of security to your iPhone.

As noted earlier, the high-end display, processor, and camera combine to require a copious amount of battery juice. What options are there for boosting the battery power of an iPhone XR?

Plus Cases makes state of the art battery cases for the modern smartphone. Our iPhone XR cases both protect and keep your smartphone powered. We actually double the amount of battery storage for your iPhone!


The Perfect Battery Case for your iPhone XR

When shopping for a battery case as a companion to your iPhone XR, look no further than the models at Plus Cases. We provide two high-quality cases specifically for the XR that are sure to meet your needs. Additionally, check out our full line of iPhone cases for everything from the iPhone XS Max all the way back to the iPhone 4.

Our 6000 mAh battery case gives you the highest amount of additional power for your iPhone XR. It essentially doubles the power of your smartphone, adding 204 percent of extra juice. This definitely helps when watching movies or engaging in a long FaceTime session.

This case is available in black, red, or blue, while featuring the sturdy build typical of all our battery cases. The 6000 mAh iPhone XR battery case is available for a sale price of $99.95.

For a more inexpensive option, check out our 5200 mAh battery case. While it provides slightly less power, it also includes a convenient kickstand suitable for watching videos and FaceTime. It’s available in multiple colors at a sale price of $79.95.


Other Features of Our iPhone XR Battery Cases

Both battery cases for the iPhone XR feature the same lithium polymer batteries capable of over 500 full charges. They keep your smartphone charged for a long time! The hard shell protective case with a raised bezel protects your iPhone and its touchscreen.

The on/off button on the back of the case includes LED indicators to display the charging status of the phone. The cases also support headphone listening using either the Apple Lightning connector or an adapter. You can even take phone calls with the headphones.


Our Customer-Friendly Return Policy is the Best!

In the small chance a problem happens with one of our battery cases, rest easy that our generous return policy gets you back in power as quickly as possible. Within 30 days from the date on your receipt, simply contact one of our US-based customer service representatives and schedule a return. We’ll either exchange or fix the battery case and send it back to you, no questions asked.

What if your battery case works properly, but it simply doesn’t meet your needs? We accept those returns as well within 30 days, with a 10 percent restocking fee. Our customer service reps will help you find the right case for your iPhone.

If you discover an issue with your case after the 30-day period, the manufacturer warranty applies. Once again, we will either fix your battery case or send you a new one as needed.

We want to ensure your experience with Plus Cases is top notch, so you consider us for all your battery case and smartphone accessory needs in the future.



We Also Carry a Full Line of iPhone Accessories

Speaking of smartphone accessories, Plus Cases also offers headphones, screen protectors, charging cables, car chargers, belt clips, and more. We want you to get the most out of your smartphones – both now and in the future. Browse our collection and add one or two to your battery case order today!

Ultimately, you spend a lot of money on your iPhone XR. When considering this investment, splurging a little extra on one of our topnotch battery cases helps keep your iPhone powered and protected. It’s simply the right choice to make for your smartphone!