Take 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20. Don't let this sale hop away!
Take 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20. Don't let this sale hop away!

With the iPhone serving as your connection to the world, keeping it powered is a must. Since Apple’s mobile device also lets you enjoy music and video – let alone phone calls and FaceTime – its power requirements are pretty steep.

Thankfully, a line of industry-leading iPhone battery cases provides the juice you need for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Our Smartphone Battery Cases Power the World

Plus Cases is an American company manufacturing innovative smartphone battery cases for the most popular smartphone platforms, including the iPhone. We serve the entire globe from our offices in Texas and Louisiana.  

In business for over five years, we quickly grew into one of the leading mobile phone battery case makers in the world. Our state of the art cases power the latest iPhones, in addition to Samsung’s Galaxy and Galaxy Note lines.

In short, when you need a battery case for your modern smartphone, look no further than us. We also carry a wide array of mobile phone accessories for the iPhone and Android smartphones, including car chargers, headphones, belt clips and more.

Let’s dive into the details on why we are the best option when it comes to battery cases for your iPhone.

Why Plus Cases make the Best Battery Case for Your iPhone

A multitude of battery case choices are available for the iPhone, so why us? First off, we extend the battery life of your Apple phone more than any other manufacturer in the business.

Expect the life of your iPhone battery to increase by 300 percent with only a button click. Simply put, other charger cases can’t beat our specs!

In addition to great battery cases, we also provide the best customer support in the industry. Our US-based service reps understand everything about your iPhone and know how to keep it powered.  

We Provide a Friendly and Secure Online Shopping Experience

Shopping online with Plus Cases is a breeze. Our website makes it easy to find the specific battery case for your iPhone model. Finish off your order with a screen protector or an extra charger cable.

We provide our customers with a secure online shopping experience from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Remember, our customer service reps are also available when you have questions – by phone or chat!

Our Fast Shipping and Generous Return Policy

Our same-day shipping policy helps you stay powered as quickly as possible. Best of all – it’s free! If time is of the essence, select the overnight shipping option when checking out.

The USPS is our shipping provider for the best service at a great price. International customers enjoy either the USPS or DHL, with the latter offering one-day service when possible.

In addition to the full manufacturer’s warranty, we include a generous 30-day return policy, no questions asked. Rest easy that your new iPhone battery case either works as expected or simply return it. We’ll either fix it or send you a new one.

A Closer Look at Our iPhone Battery Cases

Plus Cases offer our customers a full line of iPhone battery cases. We provide models able to power everything from the classic iPhone 4 all the way to the newest iPhone XS Max. No matter the model, expect superior build quality combined with our world class customer service, return policy, and warranty support.

In addition to industry class charging horsepower, our battery cases also include other useful features, like a hard shell protective case and a raised bezel. This makes sure your iPhone investment stays safe in the event of a fall.

We design our iPhone battery cases to fit perfectly with your iPhone, whether it is one of this year’s models or an older Apple smartphone. Expect support for the newest iPhone features, including the larger screen sizes and Lightning connectors of the iPhone XS and other newer phones.

If style matters to you, our battery cases are available in a variety of colors to compliment the look of your iPhone. Look sharp while you stay powered!

Only the Best Lithium Polymer Batteries for Our Customers

Our top of the line lithium polymer batteries provide at least 500 full recharges throughout the life of your iPhone. With superior build quality, our battery cases both protect and keep your iPhone powered. Maximum durability and protection is our goal.

Most importantly, our battery cases greatly increase the amount of charge of your iPhone – in some cases we double it! When considering how much power the latest iPhones use, this is a vital feature. Never run out of juice when taking that important phone call or during a FaceTime session.

For example, our most powerful iPhone XS Max battery case more than doubles the phones internal 3,174 mAh battery. We give you an extra 6,000 mAh of power, which is perfect when traveling for fun or on a business trip. Best of all, no additional charging cables are required, as we support Apple’s Lightning cable.  

With Battery Cases, You Get What You Pay For. Don't Settle!

The Apple iPhone remains the state of the art when it comes to the smartphone scene. This is one reason it’s important not to skimp when searching for a battery case for your iPhone. These high-end smartphones deserve better than cheap cases with inferior batteries.

In a similar manner as Apple, Plus Cases reside at the pinnacle of the iPhone battery case market. Once again, our superior cases protect your iPhone while ensuring it stays powered.

Our world class customer support, free shipping, return policy, and extended manufacturer’s warranty give you even more reasons to choose us for your smartphone battery case needs. In short, we provide the best case for your iPhone!