Take 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20. Don't let this sale hop away!
Take 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20. Don't let this sale hop away!

Galaxy S Screen Protector

$6.95 USD

Protect your phone with this premium quality full body screen protector and film set that offers the ultimate full body protection without breaking your wallet or screen! Our premium full body screen protectors and film sets consist of a unique 4-layer structure to offer maximum protection for your phone's screen.

Unique 4-Layer Structure:

Layer 1: Premium Silicone Adhesive
Layer 2: A Hard Coating Protective Film
Layer 3: Anti-Fingerprint Treatment
Layer 4: Scratch Resistant Protective Film

Product Features:

  • Material offers four layers of protection
  • Constructed with premium quality silicone 
  • Anti-fingerprint & anti-glare 
  • Keeps screen free from dust and scratches
  • Custom design with precise cuts
  • Attaches smoothly & firmly; leaves no residue

Included In Package:

  • Premium silicone film
  • Alcohol cleaning wipe 
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Protect your phone's screen from extreme impact and scratches with our tempered glass screen protectors constructed of chemically strengthened tempered glass for maximum protection and durability. Our tempered glass screen protectors act as a second screen for your phone and absorb impact to help protect your phone's screen from breaking, scratching, or shattering.

Product Features:

  • Precisely-cut, 0.3 mm-thick glass offers HD screen clarity
  • Attaches smoothly & firmly; leaves no residue
  • Industry leading hardness rating of 9H
  • Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints, oil stains, & glare
  • Protects from high-impact drops, scratches, & scrapes
  • Keeps screen clean and free from dust
  • Preserves touch-screen functionality

Included In Package:

  • Premium tempered glass film
  • Alcohol cleaning wipe 
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth