Take 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20. Don't let this sale hop away!
Take 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20. Don't let this sale hop away!

**CLEARANCE** Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Battery Extender Case w/ Flip Screen Cover (4200 mAH)

$19.95 USD

Receive up to 135% of additional battery life

  • Battery is over one times the capacity of the Galaxy Note 2 
  • Lightweight case weighing just 5 ounces
  • USB charging and syncing without needing to remove your phone
  • No additional cables needed for recharging 
  • Built-in kick stand for easy video watching
  • Full body coverage to protect your Note 2 from accidental damage
  • Flip Cover protects your phone's screen from damage
  • Sleek and elegant design with 2 vibrant colors available 
  • Non-Slip comfort grip
  • High quality lithium polymer battery
  • On and Off switch on the bottom of the case 
  • 5 LED lights tell you the status of the back-up battery 
  • High quality lithium polymer battery designed for 500+ cycles
  • Full Manufacturer's Warranty & Free Shipping

Never run out of that much needed power on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2! Surf the internet, watch movies, play games, send emails, and talk for hours longer on your Note 2 using this lightweight, powerful, and sleek 4200 mAH battery case designed uniquely for Galaxy Note 2! This is our most powerful battery case available to guarantee you hours of extra use! Our battery cases feature high quality, lithium polymer batteries, that are guaranteed to last!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 contains an internal 3100 mAH battery. This case offers an additional 4200 mAH battery; over one times (1X) the capacity! Get a total of 7300 mAH of power!

    To Use:

    1. Insert your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 into the battery case by lining up the connectors
    2. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds on the back of the case to use the 4200 mAH battery; press and hold the power button again to turn off the battery from the case and only use your phone's internal battery
    3. Plug your micro USB cable into the bottom of the battery case to recharge both your phone's internal battery and the battery case. To recharge both devices you will need to press and hold the power button located on the battery case to activate the connection between the phone and case after the case has been plugged into a power source. If you simply plug-in the case to a power source without pressing the power button only the case itself will recharge.

    About Plus Cases:

    Plus Cases takes pride in offering the largest selection of the most powerful battery cases available online. You can rest assured you are purchasing a long-lasting, superior quality, battery case designed exclusively for your mobile phone. All of our cases only feature the highest quality lithium polymer batteries designed for a minimum of 500 complete recharges. We also construct our cases using only premium quality materials to ensure durability and maximum protection for your phone. Every case we sell is backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee and includes a complete manufacturer's warranty protecting you against any defects. We challenge you to compare the battery capacity and price of our cases to any of our competitors. Plus Cases guarantees to offer you more power for less money!