The 5 Best iPhone X Battery Cases

Imagine using your iPhone X without worrying about battery life. That would be amazing, right?

Well, this is possible with the leading battery cases. They can give your iPhone X a quick charge on the go when it's running low and allow you to surf the web, enjoy Apple music, play videos, and more without worries.

Most of the iPhone X users are investing in these battery cases, and you should do it too.

With the constant emergence of new iPhone battery cases, however, you can get confused and end up with a battery case that doesn't match your needs.

If you're planning to buy a quality battery case for your iPhone X, here are five best iPhone X battery cases.

iPhone X Battery Case (4000 mAh)

If you want a stylish iPhone battery case that's easy to use, attach, and remove, you can never go wrong with this 4000 mAh battery case.

This case comes with a slim, hard shell and won't add much heft on your phone.

It features a LED light on the back that indicates how much of a charge the case has. The light goes on when charging the case so you can tell when it's fully charged.

This case comes with quality lithium polymer battery that's designed for 500+ cycles. It also allows you to listen to music or make calls through the headphones.

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iPhone X Battery Case: Waterproof and Wireless Charging (3400 mAh)

This battery case (3400 mAh) is an IP68 certified waterproof case that provides excellent protection with a hardened shell back.

It comes with four LED lights on the back to indicate when it's fully charged.

The case also sports two speaker grilles and standard pass-through buttons for volume, power, and sliding switch.

It's rated 3400 mAh and has a unique feature that turns off the charge automatically when the iPhone is full.

This iPhone X case is also dirtproof, snow proof, and shockproof. Besides, it supports Qi wireless charging.

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iPhone X Battery Case (5000 mAh)

This case comes with a sturdy protective shell and has a soft silicone frame. It also has a raised bezel so you can be sure your phone will be safe in case it falls.

This case uses iPhone's lightning cable for charging and syncing. It has a high-quality battery that will help keep your phone fully charged for more than 24hrs.

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iPhone X Battery Case (6000 mAh)

Are you looking for a case that has a unique design and won't add too much weight?

This battery case can be an excellent choice. It is light and will provide you with 220% extra battery power. It also comes with a high-quality rechargeable battery that's designed for 500+ cycles.

Charging this 6000 mAh battery case and syncing your iPhone X with your Mac is possible with a USB cable. You should also note that you won't have to remove the battery case when charging it.

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iPhone X Battery Case with Wireless Charging (3600 mAh)

This battery case comes with raised edges that will help your phone withstand impact when it falls on a hard surface.

This case also comes with a 3600 mAh rechargeable battery, which will give you an additional 21 hours of talk time.

This case uses lightning cable and will allow you to listen to music via a wired lightning headset.

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Wrapping Up

You don't need to be an expert to choose the right iPhone X battery case. All you need is to make use of this guide. It'll help you identify the essential features and select a battery case that matches your needs.

If you have any questions or would like to order phone accessories, you can contact us right away.

August 20, 2018