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A screen protector is an additional sheet of material used to reinforce the screen of a smartphone. The protector is usually made of polyurethane or glass. The common use of screen protectors began with the proliferation of personal digital assistants. The evolution to full screen touch sensitive screens in smartphones allowed the demand for screen protectors to exponentially rise.

Since the rise of modern smartphones blew up with the introduction of the iPhone, there is a large section of the screen protector market that caters just to the newest iPhones. At the moment, the market is dominated with iPhone screen protectors.

You can use iPhone screen protectors which are made of either Silicone or Tempered Glass. Here are the specifications and advantages of both types of screen protectors.

Silicone Screen Protector

You can protect your iPhone with this premium quality screen protector. Silicone is a polymer that is an inert, synthetic compound. It is a heat resistant substance used as a sealant, adhesive, lubricant or an electrical or thermal insulator.

The silicone full body screen protector and film sets consist of a 4-layer structure. The first layer is a silicone adhesive. The second is a hard coating protective film which helps to reinforce the screen against any drops. The third is an anti-fingerprint treatment layer that helps to shield against fingerprint marks. The fourth and final layer is a scratch resistant protective film.

The features of this product include the following:

  • Four layers of protection to ensure that the iPhone screen protector has the best reinforcement against drops, scratches and other abrasions.
  • Anti fingerprint and anti glare technology that allows for the best viewing in sunlight and resistance against fingerprint impressions.
  • Keeps screen free from dust and scratches.

Also included in the box is an alcohol cleaning wipe, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. It is recommended that you use this liberally to get rid of any abrasions or smudges on the screen protector. This is to improve the longevity of the screen protector.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This is a type of safety glass processed by chemical or thermal treatments. These treatments impart toughness and strength to the glass and this helps the all screen iPhone survive drops and scratches and other abrasions.

The features of this tempered glass iPhone screen protector include a precisely cut 0.3 mm glass which attaches smoothly and firmly, leaving no residue. The glass has an industry leading hardness rating of 9H. It also has an oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints, oil smudges and glare from the sun. This keeps the screen clean and free of dust.

The treatment of this screen protector preserves touch-screen functionality and protects from high impact drops, scratches and abrasions.

This tempered glass iPhone screen protector also includes an alcohol cleaning wipe and a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth which can increase its longevity.

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