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Take 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20. Don't let this sale hop away!

iPhone XS battery cases are a huge market around the world. With more than a billion iPhones sold since the first one was released in 2007, the market for cases has grown exponentially. Initially, cases were simply advertised as devices used to reinforce the phone against shocks and drops. However, as time passed, the functions of these cases evolved.

The battery cases for all iPhone models are so popular because they increase the battery life of an otherwise great phone with one flaw. The battery life of the iPhone has always been an issue and its staunchest critics maintain that a phone which can’t last throughout the day isn’t perfect. The iPhone battery case is essential when you won't be around a charger for a while.

Here are a few cases you can use to beef up the battery life in your iPhone XS.

Plus Cases iPhone XS Battery Cases 

3,400 mAh Battery Case - 128% Extra Battery Life

This battery case comes with an IP68 rating which means that it’s completely dust and water resistant. It supports all types of wireless charging and has full headphone support, including a port for lightning style headphones. Inside is a high quality lithium polymer battery that can charge for over 500 cycles.

The case not only provides extra battery life, but drop protection from over 6 feet. It’s also an “ultra-lightweight” design and thin make so that you can feel comfortable clutching your phone and resting with it in your pocket.

It’s got some great bells and whistles such as a built-in PET Crystal Clear front cover protector and a dual AR coating with optical glass to prevent the loss of photo quality. It also has a power button at the back of the case and LED lights that display battery strength.

It comes in black. Browse this battery case here.

6,000 mAh Battery Case - 226% Extra Battery Life

This battery case has full support for wireless charging technologies and headphone compatibility. It’s also available in 5 vibrant colors including black, blue, pink, gold, and red.

Over 500 complete power cycles ensure that your iPhone X battery case will remain active well beyond your use case.

The case also features a raised bezel and a soft silicone frame that surrounds the screen of the phone for maximum screen protection. Protection around the corners is important as the damage usually tends to concentrate around the corners of a phone.

It comes in black. Browse this battery case here.

Other Options

Other options for our iPhone XS cases include a variety of different colors and battery capacities. Our 6000 mAh battery case, described aboved, makes sure your phone lasts for at least two days even under heavy use. It’s a smartphone users dream to be able to go that long without charging! Conserving battery all day can seem like a challenge if you’re a heavy user, so why not go the extra mile and slap on a battery case that can go the distance?

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