5 iPhone Accessories You Really Need

So, you've got a new iPhone and you think you're all set. That is until you run into a pretty major problem!

Everyone and their brother is trying to sell you extra accessories for your phone. And while some of them are pretty cool, others are a waste of time and money.

Worried about how to tell which is which? Keep reading to discover our guide to the iPhone accessories you really need.

1. Battery Case

Every iPhone needs a good case. But what if you could get a good case that extends your phone's battery life?

If that sounds good, then you need to check out a battery case. Not only do these cases provide the protection your phone needs, but they are able to provide 147% additional battery power for your phone.

Good protection, great features, and an affordable price. This one is a must-have.

2. Screen Protector

Part of what makes an iPhone so cool is the big, beautiful screen. However, that screen may start to feel like a big target when you are constantly cleaning off dirt and worrying over the potential for breaking glass.

The solution is nice and simple. Your iPhone simply needs a good screen protector.

These protectors are nice and thin, so they don't disrupt the view of your screen. But they also offer four distinct layers of protection, which helps your iPhone look good while staying protected.

3. Car Charger

For better or for worse, it feels like we are always on the go. Unfortunately, it's only when we get down the road that we notice our iPhone battery is on its last legs.

A simple and "must-have" accessory, then, is the humble car charger. These chargers are easy to use and insanely affordable.

Don't let the low price fool you, though. It's tough to put a price tag on being able to charge while you drive.

4. Headphones

Sure, your iPhone came with some nice headphones (despite getting rid of the jack). Those things are going to get damaged or lost before you know it!

That's why it's always good to have a backup pair of headphones (or maybe a couple of pairs). This provides you with peace of mind, all without denting your wallet.

When you can't find your headphones but already have a spare pair, you'll thank us.

5. Holster and Belt Clip

One of the worst things about an iPhone is that it can be tough to find a place to store it. You don't want it rattling around in your front pockets, and you don't want to sit on it in your back pocket.

Fortunately, there is a better way. You can use a holster and belt clip to fix the phone firmly to your belt.

Now you can easily grab your phone for every call or message. Feel free to make it a long call: these are designed to accommodate the battery cases.

iPhone Accessories: The Bottom Line

Now you know what the best iPhone accessories really are. But do you know where to find them?

Plus Cases is a website dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest accessories for your phone. To see how we can extend its charge, come check out our battery cases today.

September 11, 2018